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Why Do I Really feel Drained After Consuming? (And Tips on how to Keep away from It)


Feeling drained after consuming is quite common, and it occurs extra typically after lunchtime. Is it regular? Sure. Nonetheless, feeling always drained after a meal could possibly be an indication of an underlying well being situation. The excellent news is that there are easy methods during which we will keep away from that fixed drowsy feeling after a meal.

So, when you’ve been asking your self why you typically really feel drained after consuming, you’ll uncover the primary the explanation why this occurs and efficient methods to keep away from it sooner or later.

Why Do I Really feel Drained After Consuming?

There are a number of the explanation why it’s possible you’ll really feel drained after consuming. However it could be regarding if it at all times occurs and begins to have an effect on your on a regular basis life. Beneath are the primary the explanation why it’s possible you’ll really feel drained simply after taking a meal.

1. You Eat Huge Meals

Should you’ve ever felt such as you’re about to go to sleep after lunchtime, it’s in all probability due to how a lot you ate. The reply to this phenomenon is easy: it takes a number of power to digest the meals you eat. Due to this fact, the bigger the meals, the extra seemingly it’s that you simply really feel drowsy after consuming.

2. It’s a Pure A part of the Digestion Course of

Our intestine takes about 2 hours to digest a complete meal. Due to this, you’ll typically really feel drowsy after consuming. That is very true after consuming lunch since we normally get again to work or proceed with our duties shortly after. In addition to that, the standard of meals you eat additionally influences the quantity of power you’ll have after a meal.

3. You Eat Too A lot Over-Processed Meals

Meals which might be excessive in saturated fats, easy carbs, and synthetic flavors (like junk meals), offer you poor vitamin and as a substitute load up your physique with a lot of energy. In addition to the digestion course of it takes, the excessive quantities of carbs and fat make your blood sugar unsteady, creating fixed spikes. That is what causes the fixed power crashes within the afternoon time.

4. You Eat Meals That Are Wealthy in Protein and Carbs

Spoiler alert! You need to be consuming sufficient protein and carbs every day. Don’t suppose that it’s best to eat much less protein or eradicate carbs. In truth, these will assist to forestall fixed cravings all through the day and maintain you wholesome total. Nonetheless, it’s well worth the point out that sure meals may cause you to really feel sleepy after a meal.

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Protein-rich meals, like salmon, poultry, dairy merchandise, soy, eggs, and seeds, have increased ranges of tryptophan. You may also discover it in meals wealthy in carbs, corresponding to pasta, rice, white bread and crackers, and processed pastries. Tryptophan is an amino acid that helps the physique produce serotonin, which is the hormone that brings leisure. Some scientists discovered that individuals really feel drained after consuming as a result of their physique is producing extra serotonin.

5. You Might Be Having Blood Sugar Spikes

Whereas it’s utterly regular to have your blood sugar ranges rise and fall, unhealthy sugar spikes may cause the notorious power crash. This occurs as a result of there’s a sudden excessive quantity of sugar in your blood that forces your physique to retailer it, leaving you with a really low sugar degree that can trigger you to crave extra sugary meals. It’s a vicious cycle you definitely don’t wish to be into.

6. You Skip Meals

Not consuming sufficient all through the day and even skipping meals can also be a quite common purpose why it’s possible you’ll really feel drained after consuming. Typically, we don’t notice how our power ranges are so low till we miss a meal.

Research present that not consuming throughout common hours (AKA ravenous) is why you are feeling drained, have much less power, and have the urge to overeat throughout your subsequent meal. On account of that hungriness and your enormous meal, you are feeling drowsy.

7. You Eat Stimulants Like Caffeine

There may be nothing fallacious with beginning your day together with your favourite cup of espresso. Espresso is a kind of meals that may assist us keep alert in the course of the day. However overdoing the espresso mugs may cause the alternative impact and make you are feeling sleepy.

Why do you are feeling drained after consuming or taking caffeine? Easy: An excessive amount of caffeine will ultimately make the energy-boosting impact put on off. This occurs particularly throughout your subsequent espresso break within the afternoon or after lunchtime.

8. You Lack Train

This may increasingly sound prefer it’s indirectly associated to being sleepy, however it’s. Once you’re not bodily lively, your physique lacks the power it must carry out effectively and show you how to keep alert. That’s another excuse why it’s best to at all times embody exercises in your weekly schedule. Not exercising will trigger you to really feel extra drained and moody.

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9. You Have Poor Sleeping Patterns

Another excuse why it’s possible you’ll really feel drained after consuming is you is probably not sleeping effectively in any respect. Should you consider it, our physique wants sufficient relaxation to carry out effectively and maintain us with sufficient power. Due to this, not sleeping sufficient the evening earlier than will make you crave extra meals the subsequent day and trigger you to be sleepy across the afternoon hours.

10. You Drank Alcohol

Although alcohol per se will not be one of many foremost the explanation why it’s possible you’ll be drained after consuming, it’s possible you’ll wish to look into your consuming patterns. What this implies is that having alcohol together with your meals or consuming the evening earlier than could make you are feeling sleepy. Based on Harvard consultants, alcohol is a sedative and may decrease your power.

Different Well being Issues

There could also be different underlying well being points associated to feeling drained after consuming. Extra tiredness after consuming could possibly be a symptom of the next well being issues:


Diabetic sufferers might wrestle with feeling drained after consuming because of uncommon blood sugar ranges. When it’s too low or too excessive, there could possibly be dizziness, much less power, and elevated fatigue.


Once you lack sure vitamins in your physique, corresponding to iron, folate, and vitamin B-12, you can expertise signs of anemia. This occurs when the variety of crimson blood cells in your physique is simply too low. One of many foremost indicators is feeling extraordinarily drained and dizzy.

Meals Intolerance or Allergic reactions

Should you didn’t know, that additional drowsiness could possibly be an indication of a meals allergy or intolerance. Having digestive points, corresponding to diarrhea and vomiting, will not be at all times an indication of allergy symptoms. Meals intolerances might manifest in numerous methods. That’s why it’s at all times greatest to verify together with your native physician and make sure any prognosis.

Thyroid Issues

Individuals who even have hormonal imbalance associated to their thyroid present extra sleepiness or sleep disturbances. That is on high of weight reduction, irregular bowel actions, and even muscle weak spot.

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Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a uncommon situation during which you might have issues respiration whilst you’re sleeping. This fixed sleep interruption could make you are feeling additional drained the subsequent day. There are a lot of components why sleep apnea occurs, however most often, it has to do with weight problems and hypertension.

Celiac Illness

Being gluten illiberal is another excuse why you can be extra drained than ordinary, particularly after consuming. This occurs as a result of your physique has issues digesting gluten meals. Due to this fact, you soak up fewer vitamins and your intestine is consistently irritated. One of many foremost signs of this illness is fatigue.

Tips on how to Keep away from Feeling Drained After Consuming

Feeling drained after each time you eat will be annoying and should generally also have a vital affect in your way of life. Beneath are some recommendations on easy methods to keep away from feeling drained after consuming.

1. Keep Hydrated

Consuming sufficient water is essential to maintain your physique working effectively. Once you hydrate your physique, your metabolism is boosted and you’ve got much less fatigue and therefore, you even have extra power.

2. Eat Extra Complete Meals and Reduce Again on Refined Sugars

One in every of your aims is to stability your blood sugar ranges. To do that, you must just be sure you’re consuming sufficient complete meals and fewer over-processed meals. Consuming complete meals can decrease the chance of these sugar spikes, heavy cravings, and that power crash.

3. Eat Sufficient Meals Throughout Every Meal to Maintain You Glad

Working towards intuitive consuming may be very efficient. It not solely helps you keep in form, but it surely additionally aids your digestion and boosts your power. You will need to eat till you’re happy, not till you’re full. Consuming an excessive amount of meals than what your physique asks for in a single sitting will solely trigger you to overeat and offer you that sleepy sensation.

4. Keep away from Ravenous or Skipping Meals

That is one other huge drawback you wish to keep away from. Once you eat at common hours, your physique could have extra power all through all the day. Don’t attempt to stand starvation as a result of then you definately’ll overeat within the subsequent meal and really feel extra drained than you have to be.

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5. Train Frequently

Keep lively as a lot as you’ll be able to. You don’t should run a marathon to remain wholesome, however partaking a minimum of in some common fundamental workout routines can already assist increase your power ranges.

6. Get Sufficient High quality Sleep

Sleeping sufficient is essential to your physique always. Good high quality sleep is a minimum of about seven to 9 hours. Strive to not eat too late at evening earlier than you go to mattress, flip off distractions (together with your cellular phone), and block off extreme gentle that can assist you develop a superb sleeping behavior.

7. Drink Caffeine in Moderation

Should you get pleasure from beginning your day together with your favourite cup of espresso, go for it! However keep in mind that consuming about two to a few cups a day ought to be sufficient to get that power in. Greater than this will trigger issues if you’re not cautious.

8. Have a Balanced Weight loss program

Consuming sufficient nutrient-rich meals will make your physique work extra effectively and enhance your power. Goal at getting protein, wholesome fiber, and wholesome fat in your whole meals. Make your plate balanced and colourful.

9. Average Your Alcohol Consumption

Once you restrict alcohol, you’ll discover a major enchancment in your power ranges total. This particularly applies to while you eat your meals in the course of the day. Deal with no a couple of to 2 glasses of wine a day. Consuming alcohol with meals could make folks really feel extra drained.

Closing Ideas

Although feeling drained after consuming is regular, there are nonetheless some way of life habits you’ll be able to enhance to scale back this example. Should you’re feeling extra drained than ordinary after your meals, ensure you work on high quality vitamin, day by day motion, correct relaxation, and do common healthcare check-ups.

Extra Suggestions for Staying Energetic

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