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What occurs when you’ve got an excessive amount of intercourse? 8 tell-tale indicators


A wholesome intercourse life doesn’t all the time imply having an excessive amount of intercourse! It’s the equilibrium between high quality and amount, and it may differ from couple to couple and individual to individual.

Is it potential to have an excessive amount of intercourse?

The typical grownup engages in sexual exercise 54 instances yearly, based on a examine printed within the Archives of Sexual Behaviour. If that’s proper, a intercourse session as soon as per week could appear ample sufficient. However some individuals indukge in it extra, and that’s okay. So long as each you and your accomplice are glad and comfy and there aren’t any bodily points whereas having extra intercourse, all’s properly.

However typically, doing it excessively or too regularly, might take a toll on you.

What occurs to the physique when you may have an excessive amount of intercourse?

1. Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness might be one of many first apparent symptom of a protracted intercourse session. Your physique’s pure lubricant begins to deteriorate, which causes ache, dryness, and friction. Vaginal dryness is frequent amongst menopausal ladies, which causes plenty of discomfort throughout penetration and sexual contact.

Vaginal dryness can occur on account of an excessive amount of intercourse. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Irritation

In case your exterior pores and skin, the vulva, and your labia turn out to be engorged and swollen after intercourse, again off till you are feeling okay. The sore vagina can turn out to be extra extreme resulting in ache. Attempt an ice pack for aid, and think about using vaginal lubrication the subsequent time you may have intercourse to create sufficient wetness within the vagina for a protracted intercourse session.

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3. Ache throughout intercourse

Even when having intercourse is essentially the most pleasant exercise, having extra intercourse than typical might trigger genital ache. It’s frequent to really feel ache sometimes, however persistent ache signifies an issue. So converse to your doctor.

4. Burning sensation

Many individuals describe the ache they expertise throughout intercourse as soreness, burning sensation, or uninteresting ache. A burning sensation within the vagina throughout or after intercourse may make it uncomfortable and sign that you could cease or take a break.

5. Urinary tract an infection

Ache, dryness, irritation, burning, and rashes are all signs of getting had an excessive amount of intercourse. Infections of the bladder and vagina are one other painful symptom. You could be having an excessive amount of intercourse for those who preserve getting infections.

too much sex
Frequent urination might be the results of an infection. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Preserve these 5 suggestions in thoughts for a wholesome intercourse session:

1. Use lubricant: Utilizing a water-based lubricant helps to cut back friction and dryness and to have extended intercourse.

2. Embrace foreplay: All the time purpose for at the least 10 minutes to permit your our bodies to heat up whereas utilizing the foreplay method. So contact, kiss, and cuddle along with your accomplice.

3. Change your place: If you happen to expertise sharp ache throughout intercourse, swap to a different place so your accomplice may be capable of regulate penetration to a depth that feels good to you.

4. Do kegel workout routines: These will help you strengthen the pelvic ground muscle groups that may additional assist handle place throughout intercourse, supporting your bladder. This could additionally enhance blood move down there and make it simpler to succeed in orgasm.

5. Take a break: If you happen to’re experiencing points whereas having intercourse, take a break.

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