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This Was the First Signal Sharon Stone Had a Tumor and How You Can Spot One — Vitonik


Sharon Stone is making headlines for a well being scare she’s going through and shared surprising private particulars concerning the scenario. The Oscar-nominated actress urged her 3.4 million Instagram followers to all the time “get a second opinion” from medical consultants after she revealed she was wrongly recognized. The 64-year-old took to social media to clarify that she “simply had one other misdiagnosis and incorrect process.” She said she needed to have a “double epidural” for the ache, and noticed one other healthcare skilled who recognized she has a “giant fibroid tumor that should come out.”

In her Instagram story, Stone emphasised to ladies the significance of being your personal advocate relating to well being. “Girls particularly: Do not get blown off. GET A SECOND OPINION. It may save your life.” She ended her put up on an optimistic be aware saying, “I will be down for 4-6 weeks for full restoration. Thx in your care. It is all good.”

This isn’t the primary time the Primary Intuition has endured a terrifying well being problem. In her memoir, The Great thing about Residing Twice, Stone shared she had breast reconstruction surgical procedure to restore her chest after medical doctors needed to take away benign tumors that have been “gigantic, greater than my breast alone,” in 2001. She revealed the plastic surgeon gave her greater breasts than what she consented to as a result of they’d “go higher” together with her determine. She wrote, “Once I was unbandaged, I found that I had a full cup-size greater breasts, ones that he mentioned ‘go higher along with your hip dimension.’ He had modified my physique with out my information or consent.” 

Additionally in her memoir, Stone writes concerning the life-threatening stroke and cerebral hemorrhage she skilled at age 43. She spoke with Willie Geist on Sunday At present, and recalled how shut she was to demise. “The room was so silent,” she mentioned. “When the room is so silent and nobody’s working round making an attempt to repair you, that is once you notice how close to demise is and the way critical all the pieces is.”

Fibroid tumors may cause issues if left untreated and Eat This, Not That! Well being spoke with consultants who haven’t handled Sharon Stone, however clarify what to find out about fibroid tumors and indicators that point out you’ve got one. As all the time, please converse along with your doctor for medical recommendation. Learn on—and to make sure your well being and the well being of others, do not miss these Positive Indicators You have Already Had COVID.


Lisbeth Chang, MD, FACOG Dignity Well being Medical Group – Northridge OBGYN says, “Uterine fibroids are benign growths that mostly develop from the muscle of the uterus. Fibroids are the most typical kind of development or tumor discovered within the feminine pelvic organs.  One other identify for fibroids are leiomyoma or myomas. They don’t seem to be cancerous.”

Edwin Ramirez, MD, FACOG Dignity Well being St. John’s Regional Medical Middle tells us, “The uterus is a purposeful reproductive organ that’s made up of several types of connective tissue.  Occasionally, these purposeful tissues quickly multiply, resulting in benign tumors inside the uterus generally known as uterine fibroids. For essentially the most half these gynecologic tumors are benign; nonetheless , on uncommon events, they will grow to be malignant or cancerous.”

doctor patient closeup fatty liver disease

Dr. Ramirez shares, “About 1 in 5 ladies of reproductive age have uterine fibroids and by age 50, 80 % of ladies can have uterine fibroids of their lifetime.  Most of those tumors are widespread inside the African American race nonetheless they will have an effect on any affected person regardless of ethnicity or race.  Among the extra widespread signs are irregular uterine bleeding, pelvic ache, and bladder or rectal stress.  Sadly, a few of these signs can mimic different non-gynecologic issues corresponding to urinary incontinence, bowel issues, and musculoskeletal issues, resulting in a delay in prognosis.”

Dr. Chang explains, “Fibroids are mostly seen in ladies of their 30s and 40s, and are quite common.  Fibroids happen extra usually in black ladies than in white ladies, and there could also be genetic elements concerned as fibroids additionally are likely to run in households. It isn’t clear what causes fibroids, however the feminine hormones estrogen and progesterone might have an effect on how they develop.  As the degrees of hormones change to a girl’s lifetime, we are able to generally see modifications in fibroids.  For instance, fibroids usually shrink after a girl enters menopause as her ranges of estrogen and progesterone lower. Some fibroids may be watched if they don’t seem to be inflicting issues. There are numerous remedy choices for girls with fibroids.  Typically medicines can be utilized to scale back heavy bleeding or painful durations that fibroids may cause.  Typically surgical procedure could also be wanted to take away fibroids.  The kind of surgical procedure usually will depend on whether or not a girl is needing to have extra youngsters after surgical procedure.  There are different remedy approaches corresponding to uterine artery embolization and radiofrequency ablation which can assist to shrink the scale of fibroids as properly.  If the girl has fibroids, she ought to focus on remedy choices together with her healthcare supplier.”

Dr. Nesochi Okeke-Igbokwe, ladies’s well being skilled and CEO Dr. Nesochi LLC inner medication observe provides, “It’s a fairly widespread situation wherein benign tumors develop on the uterine wall. As a major care doctor, I handle many sufferers who’ve leiomyoma. It’s key to acknowledge that fibroids may be handled and there are a selection of choices that exist to deal with the issue.”

patient speaking with doctor

Dr. Ramirez says, “Most fibroid tumors will not be lethal; nonetheless they will have a huge effect on an individual’s high quality of life.  They’ll additionally end in infertility points and extreme anemia.  Most uterine fibroids are fueled by estrogen, and this is the reason it’s extra generally seen in reproductive age ladies.  Fibroids may be handled both medically or surgically, by means of both an open belly incision or minimally invasive surgical procedure.” 

In response to Dr. Okeke-Igbokwe, “They’re  usually benign and never thought of life threatening, and may be handled with a variety of choices relying on the severity of the situation. Therapy modalities might embrace over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines to deal with ache, hormonal medicine remedy, and even surgical intervention corresponding to uterine fibroid embolization, myomectomy, or hysterectomy.”

xray uterus

Nita Landry, MD, FACOG, a Board-Licensed OB/GYN and creator of Dr. Nita’s Crash Course for Ladies: Higher Intercourse, Higher Well being, Higher You tells us, “That is vital: fibroids may be submucosal – protruding into the uterine cavity, rising the place a child usually grows throughout being pregnant, intramural – within the uterine wall, subserosal — on the outer floor of the uterus. The situation of your fibroids might trigger totally different signs. Fibroids which might be completely or largely submucosal (within the uterine cavity) regularly trigger heavy and/or irregular durations.  Massive intramural fibroids (within the uterine wall) might result in heavy/irregular durations in addition to pelvic ache. Subserosalfibroids (on the outer floor of the uterus) usually do not trigger heavy irregular bleeding, however they will trigger extreme pelvic ache in the event that they put stress on the encompassing organs. When a submucosal or subserosal fibroid is on a thinstalk, it’s referred to as a “pedunculated fibroid.” If the stalk occurs to grow to be twisted, these fibroids can grow to be painful. A girl might solely have one fibroid,or she might have any mixture of those sorts.”

Dr. Chang says, “Fibroids are the most typical development or tumor present in feminine pelvic organs. They’ll differ in form, dimension and site, and may be discovered inside, within the partitions of the uterus on the outer floor, or generally hooked up to the uterus on a stalk.  Hardly ever, they are often discovered within the ovaries or within the connective tissue of the pelvis.”

Dr. Ramirez states, “Most fibroids develop inside the wall of the uterus nonetheless they will additionally develop in entrance of the uterus leading to bladder stress or behind the uterus inflicting rectal stress and painful intercourse.  Extra importantly, most fibroids lower in dimension after menopause because of declining ranges of estrogen.  Continued development of uterine fibroids after menopause ought to warrant instant analysis by a gynecologist that focuses on uterine fibroids.”

Team of healthcare professionals looking x-ray of the patient's lungs.

Dr. Ramirez reveals, “Sadly, a very good variety of sufferers are misdiagnosed since 60 % of those benign tumors are missed throughout a bodily examination.  Uterine fibroids are usually recognized by both a pelvic ultrasound or MRI.”

Dr. Chang says, “I am unable to actually touch upon what precisely Sharone Stone meant by being “misdiagnosed,” however fibroids are usually recognized both with a pelvic examination or with different research ordered by a physician.  Typically a fibroid could also be felt on a routine pelvic examination.  An ultrasound,  which makes use of sound waves to point out footage of the uterus and ovaries, is the commonest manner a fibroid is recognized.  Different imaging assessments like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) could also be used however are sometimes not wanted.  Typically these assessments are used to look at the expansion of fibroids over time.”

In response to Dr. Landry, “To test for fibroids, most practitioners will give you a transvaginal ultrasound (TVUS). Whereas transvaginal ultrasounds are regularly really helpful, they missone out of six growths within the uterus in reproductive-aged ladies. That signifies that one out of six ladies will probably be instructed, “Every part appears to be like nice!” when all the pieces just isn’t nice. If price and availability will not be a difficulty for you, I like to recommend that you just ask should you’re a very good candidate for saline infusion sonography (SIS) as an alternative. This process, which is regularly carried out in gynecology clinics, is rather like a daily transvaginal ultrasound, besides that saline is used to softly increase the partitions of your uterus and maintain them aside. In comparison with a transvaginal ultrasound, the SIS permits your physician to raised view the uterine cavity and detect small polyp or submucosal fibroids. Sufferers with a number of giant fibroids will not be candidates for SIS, however these fibroids are fairly laborious to overlook utilizing a daily transvaginal ultrasound.”

woman consulting with female doctor

Dr. Landry explains, “Some folks with out signs select to not do something. If you happen to’re on this camp, your practitioner would possibly advocate a yearly analysis to watch the expansion of the fibroid(s). If you’re experiencing signs, surgical procedure and medicine are the first remedy paths. You do not have to endure. You may have choices.

In case your bleeding is so heavy that you just’re severely anemic, your physician would possibly advocate surgical procedure as an alternative of medicine, or you could want a blood transfusion or intravenous (IV) iron transfusion. Somewomen can have very giant fibroids that trigger the uterus to be as much as ten timesits regular dimension. This causes what medical doctors name “bulk signs.” For instance, a girl might really feel that her uterus is enlarged, as if she’s pregnant, or she might have associated signs like elevated urination or constipation as a result of bulk dimension. These bulk signs are greatest addressed by surgical procedure.

For a lot of sufferers with fibroids, the aim is to lower bleeding and for these sufferers, there are a number of medicine choices. It is vital to recollect medicines can assist signs, however they will not “remedy” your fibroids. Contraception drugs,patches, and vaginal rings with estrogen and progestin can lower bleeding,regulate your cycle and ease ache. An IUD with progestin might lower bleeding greater than a contraception capsule, however there’s a threat of your IUD popping out in case your fibroid is totally or partially submucosal (within the uterine cavity). 

One other medicine possibility is tranexamic acid. That is one in all my favourite remedy choices. Tranexamic acid has no impact on fibroid dimension, however this non hormonal oral antifibrinolytic agent regularly works wonders for sufferers relating to reducing bleeding. And as an alternative of a every day capsule, you are taking it for as much as 5 days a month throughout your interval. Lastly, there is a new thrilling possibility that each affected person ought to find out about – it is a GnRH antagonist. This oral medicine reduces heavy bleeding and fibroid quantity. It really works by placing your physique in what you’ll be able to consider as “short-term menopause,” which is able to lower your estrogen ranges. However menopausal sideeffects like scorching flashes and bone loss may be alleviated by taking “add again”remedy, which isa very low dose of estrogen and progestin. 

Orianna, a GnRH antagonist with estrogen and progestin add again, is presently FDA-approved for as much as twenty-four months of use to deal with heavy menstrual bleeding related to uterine fibroids. This medicine is a superb possibility for girls who’re near menopause or people who want surgical procedure however need to put it off for some time. The draw back is that when you cease the medicine, your signs will return and GNRH antagonists may be costly with out insurance coverage protection. Sufferers may strive non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (NSAIDs) which lower heavy bleeding and ache, although much less successfully than estrogen-and-progestin contraception, an IUD,or tranexamic acid.

I do not advocate the usage of natural dietary supplements corresponding to black cohosh or Chinese language natural medication as a result of there aren’t giant, well-designed research to show that these choices are protected and efficient relating to serving to you along with your fibroid signs.”

Portrait of a mature female doctor standing in a hospital.

Dr. Ramirez emphasizes, “I strongly encourage a affected person to hunt a second opinion earlier than agreeing to any process or remedy plan.  There are totally different surgical choices on the market on the way to handle uterine fibroids and minimally invasive surgical procedure has emerged as a preferred surgical various.  If Sharon Stone would not have sought a second opinion, her uterine fibroids may have continued to develop, leading to both uterine most cancers or renal insufficiency.”

Dr. Okeke-Igbokwe says, “I’m an enormous advocate of second opinions for any well being concern. If one thing nonetheless feels off along with your well being after an analysis along with your physician and signs proceed to linger, it’s all the time useful to hunt a second opinion.” 

Dr. Chang states, I haven’t got particulars of Sharon Stone’s case, and should not touch upon specifics, and the beneath might not apply to her if she menopausal. Whereas most fibroids don’t trigger issues, generally there may be issues with fibroids if they’re very giant or situated into place that may trigger points with bleeding.  Fibroids that develop shortly might trigger ache.  A really giant fibroid can generally trigger swelling or stress from there being a mass within the stomach.  Fibroids which might be inside the liner of the uterus can generally trigger extraordinarily heavy bleeding or infertility.”  

young woman with stomach pain
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Dr. Okeke-Igbokwe says, “Some sufferers might not even exhibit signs. However when signs do manifest it could embrace extraordinarily heavy menstrual cycles, belly discomfort, and even low again ache. These experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding might expertise issues with anemia.”

Dr. Landry states, “You probably have fibroids, you could discover heavy or irregular durations, fatigue on account of anemia, belly discomfort or fullness, decrease again ache, painful durations,painful intercourse, miscarriages, infertility, frequent urination or bother emptying yourbladder, or bowel signs corresponding to constipation. Not all ladies who’ve fibroids will expertise ache or signs. Black ladies are likely to have greater fibroids, extra extreme signs, and a better probability of getting fibroids at an early age. When reproductive hormone ranges go down and durations cease after menopause,most sufferers, however not all, can have shrinkage of fibroids.”

In response to Dr. Chang, “Fibroids that don’t trigger signs, or are small usually don’t require remedy.  Warning indicators of the fibroid would possibly want remedy embrace:

* Heavy or painful durations that trigger extreme bleeding or disrupt regular exercise

* Bleeding between durations

* Uncertainty if a development is actually a fibroid or one other kind of tumor that may initially appear as if a fibroid on imaging

* Speedy development within the dimension of the fibroid

* Infertility

* Pelvic ache”

Unhealthy young woman with stomachache leaning on the bed at home.

Dr. Landry says, “Ask your physician, “Based mostly on the quantity, dimension, and site of my fibroids, what are all my remedy choices?” Most medical doctors do not carry out or have entry to each fibroid process/surgical procedure below the solar. That does not make them dangerous medical doctors. However earlier than you determine on a remedy plan, it is best to take into account ALL of your choices. Don’t, I repeat, don’t let somebody persuade you to get a hysterectomy for non cancerous fibroids if you’d like youngsters sooner or later.

Until you might be in an emergency scenario (learn: bleeding to demise and also you want a hysterectomy to avoid wasting your life otherwise you’re coping with a unique, equally critical matter), nobody ought to inform you {that a} hysterectomy is your solely possibility for non cancerous fibroids. If you happen to want to carry a being pregnant sooner or later, it is best to have a myomectomy (fibroid elimination surgical procedure). Recurrence of fibroids after myomectomy will increase over time and approaches 25% at 40 months. Subsequently, you could want one other surgical procedure sooner or later.”

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