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The Reality About Generic Medicines



A generic medication is an alternative to non-generic medication; each are the identical in composition, excluding the inactive substances. Generic medicines can solely be produced after the patent of the non-generic medication has expired and producers get approval from the federal government authorities in India to make bioequivalent medicines by sustaining security and high quality requirements. Folks have completely different opinions about generic medicines and listed under are some myths and info which is able to assist you to make an knowledgeable and sensible alternative.

Fable: Generic medicines aren’t as protected as non-generic medicines.

Truth: The Central Medication Commonplace Management Organisation mandates that every one medicines manufactured should meet a selected high quality and security commonplace to be allowed for promoting available in the market. There are strict phrases for approving the request for manufacturing generic medicines and the authorities be sure that all medicines are protected and efficient for the general public. Generic medicines are bioequivalent of non-generic medicines and are each made with the identical lively substances. 

Fable: Generic medicines aren’t as efficient as non-generic medicines. 

Truth: Generic and non-generic medicines use the identical lively substances, and their power isn’t any completely different. You’ll obtain the identical advantages from generic medicines as from non-generic medicines and they’re going to additionally take equal time to supply outcomes.

Fable: Generic medicines usually tend to trigger unwanted side effects.

Truth: Generic medicines in addition to non-generic medicines are monitored by The Central Medication Commonplace Management Organisation in India and checked for dangerous medication reactions. Generic medication doesn’t trigger any unique or added unwanted side effects. 

Fable: Generic medicines take longer to behave within the physique.

Truth: The lively ingredient and its power are the identical in each medicines and the dosage type is similar as the unique product. Due to this fact generic medicines are made to be equally efficient as non-generics.

Fable: Generic medicines are offered unfastened in pharmacies.

Truth: Generic medicines aren’t offered unfastened, they’re packed correctly and due care is taken in storing and distributing these medicines.

Fable: Generic medicines are priced low as a result of they don’t seem to be good.

Truth: A generic medication is pharmaceutically and therapeutically the identical as non-generic medicines. Generic medicines value much less, however their high quality is just not compromised. Makers of generic medicines don’t have to spend on analysis, testing, advertising and marketing and promoting, which is why they are often offered at low costs.

Fable: Generic medicines are expired medicines.

Truth: An expiration date of medication is the final date at which the producer can nonetheless assure the complete security, purity and effectiveness of the remedy. As soon as the patent of a non-generic medication expires, it means it might probably now be manufactured as a generic medication and if it receives the approval of The Medication Management Advisory Board, after assembly all the security and high quality requirements, then it may be offered as a generic medication at a low value. This doesn’t imply the medication is expired or ineffective. 

Fable: Generic medicines aren’t advisable by medical doctors.

Truth: Generic medicines are extensively out there, and lots of medical doctors suggest them to sufferers. Docs and pharmacists are requested to advertise non-generic medicines, which is why they suggest them. Docs might genuinely really feel a generic medication is just not applicable for sufferers. In any other case, generic medication is commonly talked about within the prescription.


Now we have efficiently debunked the myths about generic medicines on this article. Generic medicines are helpful and improve the competitors within the medication market, they’re important in lower-income nations so everybody can get reasonably priced medicines and a clear healthcare system prevails.

Disclaimer: The knowledge included on this web site is for instructional functions solely and isn’t meant to be an alternative to medical remedy by a healthcare skilled. Due to distinctive particular person wants, the reader ought to seek the advice of their doctor to find out the appropriateness of the knowledge for the reader’s state of affairs.

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