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Summer season suggestions: Advantages of consuming water from a clay pot or matka


Summer season is right here and the very first thing we do once we step inside our houses after being below the scorching solar is drink a glass of chilled water straight from the fridge. You’ll be able to guess what occurs subsequent. That’s proper! Cough and chilly. Numerous researches and even Ayurveda has claimed that refrigerated chilly water weakens our immune system and results in varied well being issues. So, what will we do? Nicely, possibly it’s time we return to our roots and begin listening to our elders who used to advise us to drink water from a matka or earthern pot.

Each time my hand inches in the direction of the water bottle stored within the fridge, I’ve needed to hearken to my mother or an elder say, “You’re going to get a sore throat. Make a behavior of consuming water from the matka.” Even specialists agree! Let’s dive into the disadvantages of consuming chilly water and the advantages of consuming water from a claypot or earthern pot.

It’s time to cease consuming chilly water! Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Disadvantages of consuming chilly water

1. May cause throat irritation: Ingesting chilly water could cause throat irritation, particularly for individuals with a delicate throat. It will possibly additionally trigger the muscle groups within the throat to contract, making it tough to swallow.

2. Can decelerate digestion: Whereas chilly water may help with digestion, consuming an excessive amount of chilly water can decelerate the digestive course of. It solidifies the fats from the meals and makes it tough for the physique to interrupt down.

3. Can improve mucus manufacturing: Ingesting chilly water can improve mucus manufacturing within the respiratory system. This will make it tough to breathe for individuals with respiratory points, reminiscent of bronchial asthma or allergy symptoms.

Advantages of consuming water from clay pot

Nicely-known nutritionist and well being coach Neha Ranglani shared the advantages of clay pot in her current Instagram publish. Let’s check out these advantages, which generally is a substitute for refrigerated chilly water in summer season that may assist beat the warmth.

1. Pure cooling properties

One of many predominant advantages of consuming water from clay pots is its pure cooling properties. Clay is a porous materials, which permits air and moisture to move by it. This pure property of clay makes it a superb insulator. When water is saved in a clay pot, the water slowly seeps by the pores and evaporates on the floor, which causes the water to chill down naturally.

2. Maintains pH stability

The pH degree of water is vital for our well being. The pH degree of water saved in plastic containers or bottles will be altered as a result of chemical substances within the container. Nonetheless, when water is saved in a clay pot, the alkaline nature of the clay helps in sustaining the pH stability of the water.

3. Enhances the style

Ingesting water from clay pots can considerably improve the style of water. When water is saved in a clay pot, it absorbs the minerals and salts from the clay, which reinforces the style of water. Moreover, clay pots don’t add any undesirable style or odour to the water, which might typically be the case with plastic or metallic containers.

drinking water from clay pot
Water from a matka isn’t solely wholesome however tastes higher too! Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Pure filtration

Clay is a pure filter and is understood for its potential to soak up impurities and dangerous toxins from the water. When water is saved in a clay pot, it passes by the tiny pores of the clay and will get naturally filtered, forsaking the impurities and toxins.

5. Gives important minerals

Clay pots are wealthy in minerals reminiscent of calcium, iron, and magnesium. When water is saved in a clay pot, it absorbs these minerals, which might present important vitamins to our physique. It additionally has the electromagnetic properties of the earth which heals the thoughts and physique.

6. Eco-friendly

Utilizing clay pots for storing water is an eco-friendly choice. In contrast to plastic containers, which aren’t biodegradable and may trigger hurt to the surroundings, clay pots are biodegradable and don’t hurt the surroundings.

So, if you wish to take pleasure in a refreshing and wholesome glass of water, think about using a clay pot.


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