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Know one of the best fertility window when you’ve gotten a excessive probability to conceive


Fertility has lots to do with timing! Not simply relating to age, but in addition about timing your intercourse on the proper time of the month. A lady should keep watch over her menstrual cycle and know her fertility window.

What’s fertility window

Though girls are born with near 2 million eggs, solely 300 to 400 are launched by ovulation throughout their lifetime. Often, just one egg is launched each month. The egg travels alongside one of many two fallopian tubes that join the ovaries to the uterus. If the timing is true, the sperm might fertilize the egg. If fertilization doesn’t occur inside 24 hours of the egg being launched from the ovary, the egg dies. Sperms can survive for about 72 hours, so understanding the time of ovulation will help {couples} plan intercourse at a time when they’re almost definitely to conceive.

Fertility window is the time in the course of the menstrual cycle when the possibilities to conceive are most. For most girls, it’s the 5 days previous to ovulation, the day of ovulation and the day after ovulation. Calculating the month-to-month fertility window will help establish the optimum time for {couples} making an attempt for a child to have intercourse.

A being pregnant happens when a sperm fertilizes an egg. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Know when you’re ovulating:
Figuring out the day of ovulation is a very powerful step in defining a lady’s fertility window to maximise her possibilities of getting pregnant. There are a couple of totally different fertility consciousness strategies which {couples} can use to plan a being pregnant (and, to keep away from a being pregnant by {couples} choosing pure household planning as a way of contraception). Utilizing a mixture of those strategies is more likely to be extra dependable.

Methods to trace your fertility and ovulation

  1. Calendar methodology

The calendar methodology can be utilized to trace the size of a lady’s menstrual cycle. Every month, the primary day of the menstrual interval needs to be marked on a calendar. The variety of days between the primary day of two consecutive durations, is the size of the menstrual cycle. A extra correct estimate is when this menstrual calendar is tracked for a interval of at the least six months. These days, there are apps out there to trace durations. Take a look at the Well being Photographs Interval Tracker which makes life a lot simpler for you!

Ovulation is about 14 days earlier than the beginning of a brand new menstrual cycle. The fertile window is the 5 days earlier than ovulation, the day of ovulation and the day after ovulation — so about seven days in whole.

Nonetheless, in case of irregular durations, the calendar methodology isn’t correct.

period tracker app
There are a number of interval apps out there to trace your fertility window. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Cervical mucus methodology:

Throughout the menstrual cycle, hormonal fluctuations change the amount and consistency of the cervical mucus.

The utmost likelihood of getting pregnant is round ovulation when the mucus is moist, stretchy, and slippery, just like the consistency of uncooked egg whites.

So, by checking the vaginal mucus and charting the outcomes, the possible day of ovulation and the fertility window might be recognized.

3. Basal physique temperature methodology:

A lady’s basal physique temperature rises barely throughout ovulation, by 0.5 levels Fahrenheit. The temperature needs to be measured every morning utilizing a basal physique thermometer as the very first thing, even earlier than getting off the bed. A basal thermometer is extra delicate than a daily thermometer. These outcomes, when charted, would present a sustained rise within the basal physique temperature after ovulation.

As soon as the rise in your temperature is recognized, ovulation usually has already occurred, which is why basal physique temperature methodology isn’t good at predicting the fertility window. Nonetheless, if charted and tracked for 3 months or extra, it’s a good device to watch a lady’s sample of ovulation.

4. Ovulation predictor kits:

Ovulation predictor kits are home-based instruments to assist predict ovulation. These assessments could also be useful in girls who’ve common durations however are nonetheless undecided of selecting up pure indicators of ovulation (cervical mucus or an increase in basal physique temperature). Ovulation predictor kits take a look at urine for ranges of a hormone referred to as LH (luteinizing hormone). When the ovulation predictor take a look at turns optimistic, ovulation would sometimes happen inside 24 hours, indicating the time the couple ought to strive naturally. These kits may not be dependable in case of irregular durations.

Keep in mind it’s important to work collectively to plan a being pregnant. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Easy methods to profit from your fertility window

For one of the best possibilities of being pregnant, the couple ought to have intercourse every single day or alternate within the fertility window.

Some girls have irregular durations, which signifies that durations usually are not within the 21-to-35-day vary or cycle intervals range by greater than seven days every month. This requires a session with a fertility specialist.

This irregularity could also be as a consequence of a hormone imbalance and will make it troublesome to calculate the fertility window utilizing pure household planning strategies.

Along with monitoring ovulation to find out one’s fertile window, you will need to schedule preconception counselling with a physician. There are numerous assessments and way of life modifications that may assist improve the possibilities of a profitable deliberate being pregnant.

Listed below are some fertility ideas for {couples} making an attempt to conceive:


* Handle your self. Devour a nutritious diet, take pleasure in ample train, keep away from smoking and consuming alcohol.
* Establish your fertility window and have intercourse every day or each different day on this interval
* See a fertility specialist you probably have irregular durations
* If you’re underneath 35 and have been making an attempt to conceive for greater than a yr, or in case you are over 35 and have been making an attempt for over six months, you must see your physician.


* There aren’t any particular positions that will increase your odds of conceiving.
* Keep away from utilizing lubricants and vaginal douches. These might negatively have an effect on sperms and forestall them from reaching the egg.

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