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Crimson Chilli: Makes use of, Advantages, Facet Results By Dr. Smita Barode



If you’re a fan of spicy meals, you’ll all the time flip to Mexican or Indian cuisines. However are you aware what makes these cuisines so spicy? The reply is crimson chillies! Scorching and spicy crimson chilli pepper is essentially the most broadly used spice and condiment in Indian and Mexican cuisines. Crimson chilli is extremely valued for its pungency and added flavours to numerous dishes all through the world.1 

The new crimson chilli is believed to be originated in Mexico and is now grown in tropical and subtropical areas of america of America, India, Japan, Turkey, and African nations. About 90% of chilli is produced in Asian nations.1,2 

The scientific identify of crimson chilli is Capsicum annuum and it belongs to the household Solanaceae. Crimson chillies are an amazing supply of nutritional vitamins, flavonoids, phenolics, carotenoids, and alkaloids, which play a significant function in human well being.2  

Learn alongside to be taught extra concerning the well being advantages of crimson chilli and subsequent time; you can see your self including it to your meal. 

Dietary Worth of Crimson chilli: 

Crimson chillies are a wealthy supply of assorted nutritional vitamins, minerals and proteins (amino acids) vital for human well being. In addition they include important phytochemicals akin to alkaloids (capsaicin), flavonoids and phenolics which can be vital antioxidants.1 The detailed dietary worth of crimson chilli is as follows: 

Vitamins Elements   Worth/100 grams 
Vitality  40 kcal 
Carbohydrate  8.81 g 
Protein  1.87 g 
Fibre  1.5 g 
Fat  0.44 g 
Sugar  5.3 g 
Sodium  9 mg 
Potassium  322 mg 
Calcium  14 mg 
Magnesium  23 mg 
Iron  1.03 mg 
Phosphorous  43 mg 
Zinc  0.26 mg 
Copper  0.129 mg 
Manganese  0.187 mg 
Selenium  0.5 µg 
Vitamin A  144 mg 
Vitamin B1  0.072 mg 
Vitamin B2  0.086 mg 
Vitamin B3  1.24 mg 
Vitamin C  144 mg 
Vitamin E  0.69 mg 
Vitamin Ok  14 µg 
Vitamin B9  23 µg 
Choline   10.9 mg 
Beta-carotene  534 µg 
Alpha-carotene  36 µg 
Tryptophan  0.026 g 
Threonine  0.074 g 
Isoleucine  0.065 g 
Leucine  0.105 g 
Lysine  0.089 g 

Desk 1: The Dietary worth of Crimson Chilli.3 

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Properties of Crimson Chilli: 

Crimson chilli accommodates a excessive quantity of helpful well being compounds that 2 could also be accountable for varied organic actions of the physique. The helpful properties of crimson chilli are as follows: 

  • It could have analgesic properties (relieves ache) 
  • It could have anti-inflammatory motion 
  • It could have antimicrobial exercise 
  • It could have antioxidant exercise 
  • It could have anti-ulcer exercise 
  • It could have anti-cancer exercise 
  • It could have a memory-enhancing capability 
  • It could have a blood sugar reducing impact 
  • It could have a blood strain reducing impact 
  • It could have a cholesterol-lowering impact 
  • It could have anticoagulant exercise 
  • It could help weight administration 
  • It could have anthelmintic properties (stops worm infestation) 
  • It could have wound therapeutic exercise. 2 

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Potential Makes use of of Crimson chilli: 

Crimson chilli is used as a spice and condiment. It is without doubt one of the most vital crops used for managing varied illnesses for a very long time in numerous nations and older civilizations.1 The crimson chilli well being advantages are described as follows: 

1. Potential makes use of of crimson chilli for osteoarthritis ache 

In line with the report by Arthritis Analysis UK, crimson chilli capsaicin is likely to be helpful to beat osteoarthritis (joint ache) and fibromyalgia (muscle ache) in people. It’s because the capsaicin could have the flexibility to cut back the provision of substance P, (a pain-causing neurotransmitter) which sends the sign of ache to your mind, thereby stopping the transmission of ache feeling within the physique.1 Therefore, crimson chillies is likely to be good for overcoming pain-related osteoarthritis. Nonetheless, this info is inadequate to make use of crimson chillies alone to deal with arthritis ache. Due to this fact, extra research on people are required. 

2. Potential makes use of of crimson chilli for irritation 

In animal mannequin research (Monsereenusorn et al. 1980), it was discovered that crimson chilli could have an anti-inflammatory exercise which is likely to be helpful in lowering swelling. The anti-inflammatory impact of crimson chilli could also be contributed by its phenolic and flavonoid compounds. As well as, capsaicinoids and capsinoids, each of that are alkaloid compounds present in crimson chillies, may additionally have anti-inflammatory actions, which cease the manufacturing of inflammation-causing molecules within the physique.2 Nonetheless, extra research on people are required to counsel the results of crimson chillies in managing irritation within the human physique. 

3. Potential makes use of of crimson chilli for weight problems 

In line with the research (Arora et al., 2011 and Whiting et al., 2012), crimson chillies could have a possible function in weight administration. In varied animal and scientific research, it was discovered to cut back physique fats accumulation and enhance fats metabolism. As well as, scientific research have noticed that common consumption of crimson chilli would possibly enhance the physique temperature and oxygen demand leading to a discount of physique weight and oxidation of physique fats. It additionally will increase power expenditure and reduces starvation aiding in weight reduction.2 Though research present the advantages of crimson chilli in weight reduction, a health care provider’s session is vital earlier than utilizing crimson chillies in your weight reduction regime and solely use if prescribed. 

4. Potential makes use of of crimson chilli for diabetes 

As per a evaluation article by (Gautami J. et al., 2015),  crimson chillies could have a blood sugar reducing exercise. The common consumption of crimson chilli could attenuate post-meal serum glucose manufacturing. Crimson chilli might be able to inactivate sure enzymes accountable for glucose manufacturing. An animal research (Anthony et al., 2013) noticed that the blood glucose ranges and physique weight of the animal mannequin have been bettered.2 Nonetheless, these research are carried out on animals and never on people. Due to this fact, large-scale human research are required to counsel the effectiveness of crimson chillies in managing diabetes in people. Diabetes is a extreme well being situation that requires a correct analysis and therapy. Therefore, contact a health care provider and ask for his or her recommendation. 

5. Different potential makes use of of crimson chilli: 

  • In outdated civilizations, Mayas and Aztecs, folks used crimson chillies for coughs, bronchial asthma, soreness and to alleviate toothaches.1 
  • Crimson chilli accommodates phytochemicals akin to phenolics, flavonoids and nutritional vitamins, that are important antioxidants that will assist scale back degenerative issues .1 
  • Crimson chilli could act as an analgesic agent (pain-killer) attributable to a significant part it accommodates, capsaicin. Due to this fact, crimson chillies is likely to be utilized in dermal patches, nasal sprays or topical ointments to alleviate ache.1 
  • Crimson chillies could have antimicrobial properties which may successfully handle infections brought on by micro organism, fungi and different viruses.1 
  • Crimson chilli could also be helpful for a lot of illnesses akin to stiff joints, bronchitis, headache and cough.1 
  • A human research by (Snider M. et al. 1992) noticed that sufferers who took nasal spray constructed from crimson chilli capsaicin alleviated issues akin to sneezing, congestion and rhinitis (stuffy nostril).2 
  • Crimson chillies could have wound-healing motion. The capsaicin could have proven gradual therapeutic of the pores and skin lesions. The topical capsaicin has successfully acted on pruritus (itching sensation) related to psoriasis (pores and skin illness).2 

Although research present the advantages of crimson chilli in varied well being situations, these should not adequate and require additional research to determine the true scope of the advantages of crimson chilli on human well being.2 

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Easy methods to Use Crimson Chilli? 

Crimson chilli is a flexible vegetable; it may be utilized in each recent and dried (powdered) kinds. It’s a broadly used spice and condiment.1 You could use crimson chillies as 

  • A recent or processed vegetable  
  • A powdered spice in dried kinds to make your soup/sauce spicy 
  • As a meals dye to provide your dish a spicy-red look 
  • Dry crimson chillies are used to organize a well-liked sauce referred to as ‘Shiro’ powder.1 

Don’t use an excessive amount of crimson chilli powder; extra consumption would possibly trigger dangerous results.2 We advise you to not substitute or stop your present drugs with any ayurvedic or natural preparations of crimson chilli with out consulting a doctor or an Ayurvedic physician. They are going to suggest you the most effective kind to have it. 

Facet Results of Crimson chilli: 

Though varied research present that crimson chillies are protected, some studies point out that they could have sure negative effects.2 Crimson chilli negative effects are described as follows: 

  • Pores and skin harm: Preliminary contact of crimson chilli to pores and skin would possibly trigger violent pores and skin irritation. 
  • Burning ache 
  • Tingling (prickling sensation) 
  • Erythema (pores and skin redness) 
  • Oedema (swelling) 
  • Blisters 
  • Pruritus (itching)2 
  • Eye harm: Preliminary contact with the eyes would possibly trigger involuntary reflex closing of the eyelids. 
  • Redness of the eyes 
  • Swelling 
  • Persistent ache 
  • Lacrimation (extra tearing) 
  • Photophobia2 
  • Nasal harm: The inhalation of crimson chilli powder would possibly trigger rapid irritation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. 
  • Throat irritation 
  • Burning sensation  
  • Coughing or choking 
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Fixed sneezing 
  • Incapability to talk2 
  • Abdomen harm: Extra consumption of crimson chillies for an extended period would possibly trigger abdomen discomfort. 
  • Cramping 
  • Ache 
  • Free motions 
  • Persistent gastritis 
  • Kidney/liver injury2 
  • Excessive harm: Crimson chillies could include aflatoxin (carcinogen). Aflatoxin contamination could also be attributable to poor farming, harvesting and post-harvesting practices which could trigger undesirable results on well being.2 
  • Pores and skin most cancers 
  • Hypertension 
  • Headache 
  • Elevated danger of strokes and coronary heart assaults.2 

Nonetheless, if you happen to see any of those negative effects, instantly rush to the hospital, contact your involved docs, and get applicable therapy. 

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Precautions to Take with Crimson chilli: 

Consuming crimson chilli in small portions is protected. Nonetheless, basic precautions have to be adopted because of the negative effects and drug interactions. . 

  • Individuals taking blood strain drugs ought to keep away from crimson chillies as their parts would possibly work together with these medicines, leading to lack of drug efficacy.2 
  • There isn’t any main report suggesting the protected use of crimson chillies for pregnant and breastfeeding ladies. Due to this fact, you need to take advise a doctor earlier than having it as a herb because it accommodates sure toxins which could have an effect on your well being. 
  • Individuals needs to be further cautious whereas giving crimson chillies to babies and older adults as a result of crimson chillies have negative effects which may trigger abdomen discomfort in youngsters and older folks. 
  • Individuals mustn’t use crimson chillies to self-medicate. A physician’s session is vital to keep away from additional problems. 

Crimson chillies would possibly trigger life-threatening toxicity. Due to this fact, it’s vital to grasp the danger related to this herb and make your self conscious of this unusual presentation of crimson chillies affecting your well being. 

Interplay with different Medicine: 

In line with a report (Schep et al., 2015), crimson chilli would possibly work together with sure drugs, leading to herb-drug interplay.2 

  • The co-administration of crimson chillies and aspirin and salicylic compounds is likely to be dangerous.2  
  • Crimson chillies may additionally lower the exercise of α-adrenergic blockers (blood strain medicines) akin to methyldopa and clonidine.2 

Due to this fact, in case you are on hypertension medicines, keep away from having too many crimson chillies. If any problems are noticed, instantly rush to the hospital. As well as, we suggest you disclose your ongoing therapies to your docs and observe the precautions and dosage prescribed to you. 

Steadily Requested Questions: 

What are the nutritional vitamins current in crimson chilli? 

Crimson chilli nutritional vitamins are glorious antioxidants. Crimson chilli accommodates nutritional vitamins B1, B2, B3, A, C, B9, E and Ok.3 

Does crimson chilli work together with different medicine? 

Crimson chilli accommodates sure phytochemicals which could work together with blood strain medicines (methyldopa and clonidine) and aspirin which can be a drawback. Due to this fact, keep away from having crimson chilli if you happen to take blood strain drugs or seek the advice of a health care provider.2 

What are some great benefits of crimson chilli in cough and chilly? 

Crimson chilli accommodates important phytochemicals akin to capsaicinoids, carotenoids and flavonoids, which  is likely to be helpful in managing coughs, bronchial asthma, sore throats, and so forth. (Pawar et al., 2011).2Nonetheless, this info is inadequate; due to this fact, don’t use crimson chillies to self-medicate previous to consulting your physician. 

What are the negative effects of crimson chilli? 

The crimson chilli negative effects comprise pores and skin and eye irritation, burning sensation, tingling, redness, swelling, sneezing, coughing, lacrimation, and so forth.2 Due to this fact, you have to be cautious round crimson chillies and if such negative effects are noticed, don’t panic; instantly rush to the hospital. 

That are the main parts of crimson chilli? 

The key parts of crimson chilli are capsaicinoids and capsaicin.2 

Which is the toxin current in crimson chilli? 

Aflatoxin is the main toxin current in crimson chilli. It could be harmful to well being leading to pores and skin most cancers.1 


1. Khiar Saleh, Omer A, Teweldemedhin B. Medicinal makes use of and well being advantages of chili pepper (Capsicum spp.): a evaluation. MOJ Meals Course of Technol. 2018;6(4):325–8. Accessible from: 

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Disclaimer: The data included at this web site is for instructional functions solely and isn’t meant to be an alternative choice to medical therapy by a healthcare skilled. Due to distinctive particular person wants, the reader ought to seek the advice of their doctor to find out the appropriateness of the knowledge for the reader’s state of affairs.

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