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Corn for weight reduction: 6 the explanation why it could be good for you


Corn is a broadly accessible and beloved crop in India that’s consumed as a part of its avenue meals tradition, at barbecues, was rotis, pakodas and plenty of extra delicacies. With corn being so broadly accessible and affordable, lots of people could wonder if it may be thought-about as conducive to good well being and weight reduction.

With the controversy surrounding meals components like Excessive Fructose Corn Syrup, and it being excessive on the glycemic index and excessive in energy, folks may assume that corn typically is excessive in energy and dangerous for well being.

However they’d be mistaken. Pure, unprocessed corn in its pure kind is a good addition to your eating regimen in case your aim is weight reduction. Even candy corn is conducive to weight reduction when consumed carefully! However in case you are diabetic or have a sure medical situation, please verify with a physician earlier than consuming corn in any kind.

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Corn might be wholesome for you! Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Listed here are the advantages of corn for weight reduction:

1. Corn is excessive in protein

Along with corn having much less energy per 100 grams than each complete wheat and white rice, it’s additionally increased in protein. Protein has lengthy been identified to be an amazing addition to your eating regimen should you’re seeking to shed kilos.

Protein boosts the metabolism and allows the physique to shed kilos extra simply, and helps in muscle improvement, versus fats cell progress, when consumed in the best portions, relative to a person’s physique weight.

2. Corn is low in energy

There’s a frequent assumption that corn is excessive in energy, however one cob of corn has the identical quantity of energy as a mean sized apple. It’s solely after we begin to slather our corn with butter, or deep fry it into pakodas, that it begins to decide on our waistlines.

Avoid butter popcorns!
Keep away from butter popcorns! Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Corn is excessive in soluble fibre

Corn may be very excessive in fibre. There are quite a few research that hyperlink a excessive fibre eating regimen to
prevention of fats accumulation across the stomach and to the shedding of stomach fats. Fibre additionally retains you fuller for longer and prevents you from over-eating, which additionally helps you alongside in your weight reduction journey.

4. Corn is full of nutritional vitamins and minerals

Meals for weight reduction want to have the ability to offer you all of the important nutritional vitamins and minerals, so that you just aren’t sacrificing your well being in favour of a slender physique. Corn does simply that! It’s excessive on minerals like magnesium and potassium and excessive in nutritional vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin B1 and Vitamin B9.

5. Straightforward to eat

I strongly consider {that a} meals that we eat repeatedly for weight reduction must be:

* Available
* Affordable
* Straightforward to arrange

And corn is all of these items!

This makes corn a sustainable possibility for these seeking to eat it repeatedly.

Steamed corn
Corn is a flexible meals. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Corn is flexible

Corn might be cooked and eaten in a wide range of methods. From Corn Khichdi, Corn on the Cob, Corn Porridge, Maize Flour Roti to Corn Sabjis and Corn Salads, consuming corn to shed kilos doesn’t should boring or monotonous! Are you tempted by the flavourful cup of corn chaat on the streets or outdoors film halls? Assume once more!

With the preparation choices that corn presents, weight reduction is usually a scrumptious journey!

Corn is a ceaselessly misunderstood meals that deserves extra recognition as a wholesome grain. Begin to incorporate corn into your eating regimen, with out combining it with copious quantities of oil, sugar and fats, begin to train reasonably and watch the magic occur, and the load disappear!

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