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Advantages of Vakrasana (Spinal Twist Pose) and How one can Do it By Dr. Himani Bisht



After sitting for prolonged durations or transferring between duties, one could really feel exhausted. For this, yoga may be the drugs for higher well being. Yoga improves the physique’s prana, or vitality, by regulating the vitality move. Yoga asanas are the one which connects the physique’s motion and the modifications of the thoughts to the rhythm of our breath. ”Sthiram sukham asanam,” which suggests asanas are postures which give steadiness, bliss and happiness. Of all this, vakrasana is among the sitting postures that calm down the again muscle mass and stretch the abdomen. Allow us to learn and discover out about vakrasana.  

What’s Vakrasana? 

In Vakrasana, ‘vakra’ means ‘twisted’, and asana means ‘pose’. Vakrasana can also be referred to as the spinal twist place. It’s a yoga pose that causes the spinal muscle mass to twist, which can assist in rejuvenation.2  

How one can do it?  

Vakrasana yoga provides higher well being advantages whether it is completed accurately beneath the steerage of a yoga coach. So, the method of vakrasana is as follows: 

  • Sit on the ground or the mat. Your legs needs to be prolonged ahead. 
  • Fingers have to be on the perimeters of the physique.   
  • You can begin with the left aspect and proceed with the best aspect afterwards. 
  • Fold the left leg from the knee. Then, place your left foot close to the best knee on the bottom.  
  • Place your left hand on the again of your left hip, away from the backbone. 
  • Place your proper hand on the alternative aspect of your left knee.  
  • Now flip your again, look behind, and search for. 
  • Keep the pose whereas respiratory usually. Then, return to the unique place by straightening the neck and head and releasing the palms and legs.  
  • Attempt with the opposite leg.1,2 

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Do You Know? 

The invention of yoga is claimed to be thousand years in the past. Swami Kuvalayananda was the primary one to debate vakrasana. Of the 12 kinds of hatha yoga, vakrasana is within the ninth place. As ardha matsyendrasana yoga is tough to practise, the extra manageable type vakrasana was developed.  

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Advantages of Vakrasana: 

The advantages of vakrasana yoga pose for varied ailments are as follows: 

1. Advantages of vakrasana for diabetes: 

A examine by Gowri in 2022 confirmed a big lower in fasting blood glucose ranges amongst these with type-2 diabetes who practised yoga often. As well as, vakrasana may stimulate the pancreas to extend insulin secretion and enhance insulin sensitivity. This may assist decrease blood glucose ranges to handle diabetes.3 Nevertheless, vakrasana alone gained’t be useful for diabetes; please seek the advice of a physician for correct therapy. 

2. Advantages of vakrasana for weight administration:  

Vakrasana could assist cut back extra fats across the stomach, hips, and waist. Thus, it may be helpful for reshaping the physique’s construction. In consequence, it might be useful for individuals with weight problems.3 Nevertheless, please seek the advice of your doctor for weight administration to keep away from additional points. 

3. Advantages of vakrasana for despair: 

Kumar and others carried out analysis on yoga remedy in depressive issues. The outcomes improved anxiousness in short-term classes, whereas long-term classes improved despair. Practising vakrasana and different sitting postures and respiratory workout routines could decrease despair ranges extra successfully by regulating temper. It may also assist decrease anxiousness ranges. It would assist enhance the signs of stress like complications, fatigue and weak point. Even so, extra analysis is required to find out the consequences of vakrasana on despair.4 Please seek the advice of the physician for correct analysis and therapy. 

4. Advantages of vakrasana for spinal muscle mass: 

The twist in vakrasana could activate the spinal nerves. It may also assist improve the spinal column’s flexibility. This in flip could enhance blood circulation within the backbone. It would stretch the stomach muscle mass together with the spinal muscle mass.5 Please get medical recommendation and carry out this asana with a coach’s supervision. 

5. Advantages of vakrasana for HIV/ AIDS: 

Sufferers having HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) could expertise loneliness, worry, anger, excessive emotions of despair and despair. Analysis research have proven that yoga, resembling vakrasana, could also be a protected, environment friendly, and cost-effective approach which will assist “detoxify” the physique. As well as, it would cut back fatigue, enhance stamina, and enhance organ and immunological features. Moreover, it would enhance dietary standing and relieve signs and drug uncomfortable side effects. As well as, it would assist enhance the standard of life and enhance the affected person’s life span. Common yoga observe could enhance well being, set up good attitudes and well being habits, and enhance self-confidence in youngsters who’re residing with HIV/AIDS. In consequence, it would cut back the switch of HIV to others in future.5 For finest outcomes, please get medical recommendation earlier than performing vakrasana, and take your prescribed drugs as instructed. 

6. Advantages of vakrasana for COPD (power obstructive pulmonary illness): 

Ranjita et al., 2015, studied the effectiveness of the Built-in Method to Yoga Remedy (IAYT) in controlling dyspnoea and fatigue in coal miners with COPD. COPD is an irreversible illness that could be a sort of progressive lung illness characterised by long-term respiratory signs and airflow blockage. The outcomes of the examine have been encouraging. In COPD sufferers, it might enhance dyspnoea and fatigue whereas rising bodily train efficiency. Nevertheless, you will need to seek the advice of a physician as a result of vakrasana alone will not be efficient for COPD.6  

7. Advantages of vakrasana for heart-related issues:  

Krishna et al., 2014, examined the consequences of 12-week yoga remedy on blood strain, coronary heart charge and different heart-related measures.  Yoga remedy helped decrease blood strain with commonplace medical therapy. In consequence, it might cut back the stress on the guts, decreasing the possibilities of coronary heart failure. Nevertheless, please see your physician for higher well being outcomes, because it may create adversarial results. 

Yoga observe could assist develop the thoughts and physique; nevertheless, it’s nonetheless not a substitute for trendy drugs. You will need to not depend on yoga alone to deal with any situation. Please seek the advice of a certified physician who will be capable of assess your situation accurately and advise accordingly. Furthermore, it’s essential to observe and study yoga beneath the supervision of a educated yoga trainer to keep away from any accidents.  

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Dangers of Train 

  • Keep away from vakrasana you probably have acute again ache. Please seek the advice of your physician.2 
  •  In the course of the menstrual cycle, girls ought to keep away from vakrasana. Kindly seek the advice of the gynaecologist.2 
  • In case you have undergone stomach surgical procedure, keep away from this asana, seek the advice of your physician to stop additional issues, and do that asana beneath the steerage of your coach.2 

With the steerage of a certified and skilled yoga trainer/yoga skilled, we will entry and analyse the chance elements and proceed to observe vakrasana with precautions.  

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Vakrasana, or the spinal twist pose, is a yoga pose with a number of advantages, resembling stretching the abdomen, treating diabetes and plenty of extra. You are able to do the pose accurately and with regular respiratory for extra passable outcomes. It might be the very best sitting place through which your backbone could get stretched. Nevertheless, in case you really feel ache whereas performing the vakrasana, then kindly seek the advice of the physician.  

Steadily Requested Questions 

Does vakrasana have any impact on the pores and skin? 

No, vakrasana doesn’t present any impact on pores and skin. Nevertheless, extra analysis is required to show the consequences of vakrasana on pores and skin. 

Does vakrasana pose assist in psychological well being points? 

Vakrasana could assist regulate the temper. Additionally, it would assist fight the signs of stress like complications, fatigue and weak point. This assist to decrease the signs of despair or anxiousness. Kindly seek the advice of the physician for correct analysis and therapy.4 

What are the advantages of vakrasana for ldl cholesterol administration? 

Vakrasana and different yoga poses could successfully decrease levels of cholesterol within the blood. Nevertheless, analysis is required to show the consequences of vakrasana on ldl cholesterol.3 Kindly seek the advice of a physician earlier than practising vakrasana. 

Does vakrasana present any impact on sufferers with insomnia? 

R. Sobana and others studied the eight weeks of yoga therapy in males with insomnia. It concludes that yoga may be an efficient therapy possibility in sufferers with insomnia which is the issue sustaining or initiating sleep. Please go to a physician for good well being outcomes.8 

Does vakrasana is useful in most cancers? 

No. Nevertheless, extra analysis is present process on the consequences of vakrasana on most cancers. 


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