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Advantages of Garudasana (Eagle Pose) and Do it By Dr. Ankit Sankhe



As per Hindu mythology, the Hindu god and goddess used totally different transportation modes for travelling. They largely used legendary creatures as vahanas (automobiles) for his or her interstellar travels.  These creatures symbolize numerous non secular and psychological forces which are recognized to hold every deity. They’re seen as a symbolic illustration of their energy. It was Lord Vishnu who selected Garuda, the king of birds, to be his vahana.  

Yoga is a science that teaches us the significance of dwelling a wholesome life. Yoga practices permits us to realize primary human values. Yoga demonstrates a number of bodily methods, generally known as asanas, typically resembling the shapes of animals and birds. These postures are used for numerous functions, together with meditation, attaining a way of self-realisation and gaining a state of liberation.1 

Yogasana enlightens a state during which one stays bodily and mentally regular, retaining themselves calm, quiet and cozy. 2 One such asana is Garudasana!  

So, learn alongside to get extra details about Garudasana, its advantages and the performing method. 

What’s Garudasana?  

Garudasana is a traditional balancing pose in a standing place. Garudasana yoga pose entails twisting the forearms and the legs with each other. The phrase Garudasana is a mix of two Sanskrit phrases; ‘Garuda’ means an eagle and ‘Asana’ means posture or pose. Therefore, the Garudasana yoga pose can also be termed as Eagle pose. It could even be known as the Garuda pose.2 

Garuda or eagle is the king of birds. It’s portrayed as having a golden physique with a white face, an aquiline beak and pink wings. These birds have been thought-about fighters towards demons. The Garudasana pose could present a two-fold twist of the legs and arms, without delay. The eagle pose yoga could also be characterised by the power, flexibility, and elasticity it offers to the physique in a single go. 2 

do it? 

You could begin with Tadasana or the mountain pose as a preparatory pose to practise Garudasana.2 The next steps will information you to do the eagle pose yoga: 

  • Stand straight, barely bend your knees and carry your left leg to cross it over the precise leg balancing your physique. 
  • Place your left thigh over the precise thigh and your foot toes should level downwards. Be certain that your leg has a agency grip on the ground.  
  • Attempt to wrap the shin of your left leg across the calf of the precise leg.  
  • Now, hook the highest of the left foot within the decrease proper calf and preserve the stability of your physique fully on the precise leg.  
  • Deliver your arms in entrance and preserve them parallel to the ground. Place your palms going through in upward path.  
  • Subsequent, wind your proper arm over the left arm and bend your elbows; now, your forearms are perpendicular to the ground. The again of your arms should face one another. 
  • Maintaining your backbone erect, slowly twist your left arm below the precise arm and relaxation your left hand’s fingers firmly in your proper palm, so the palms face one another. 
  • Urgent the palms collectively, stretch the fingers upwards. These intertwined arms are positioned in entrance of your chest, wanting like a beak of an eagle. 
  • Lastly, focus your gaze on a hard and fast level at a distance of 4-5 ft. That is the one full spherical of the eagle place yoga. 
  • You could observe as much as three rounds on both sides of a leg. Attempt to keep a gradual respiratory motion until your full one spherical. 
  • Ultimately, gently unwind the arms after which launch the legs to return to the preliminary place.2 

Do You Know? 

Listed here are a number of fascinating details about Garudasana yoga: 

  • Based on the rituals of Tibetan Buddhism, Garudasana is known as the ‘setting on an eagle’ pose.3 
  • In Mahabharata, Garuda is depicted as Eagle God and known as the vahana or the mount of Lord Vishnu.4 
  • Garudasana is an absolute ‘wrapping’ pose. As this pose wraps us round ourselves with confidence and focus, we expect we’re driving on the wings of Garuda, which helps us uncover our inside True Self, the Atman. 4 
  • On 23 September 2019, a document was made for the longest time whereas holding Garudasana yoga pose on a bucket by Dr V. Gunasekaran of Tamil Nadu, India.5 

Advantages of Garudasana 

Common observe of the Garudasana yoga pose could present power, self-control and magnificence when practised with the proper orientation.2 Among the Garudasana advantages are described under. 

1. Advantages of Garudasana for Physique Detoxing 

All of us eat meals; it provides us with power. Nevertheless, the undigested meals residue typically accumulates, making us really feel heavy. Subsequently, we choose totally different styles of detox drinks. In addition to these drinks, yoga poses may additionally assist you take away these toxins from the physique. In Eagle asana, our physique is twisted, serving to to squeeze the interior organs and flush out the kidneys leading to detoxing of the physique.2 

2. Advantages of Garudasana for Legs 

For those who expertise tightness in your legs, attempt the eagle pose. The eagle asana entails wrapping and winding the legs upon each other, serving to strengthen the muscular tissues and bones of the legs. In eagle pose, the anterior compartment of thigh muscular tissues is stretched, strengthening the thigh muscular tissues and making them extra versatile. It could assist to decrease the cramps of the calf muscular tissues and likewise present nice power to the ft and thighs.2 

3. Advantages of Garudasana for Hips 

In case you are searching for a hip train, the Garuda yoga pose is perhaps the one for you. On this pose, your hips are in flexion and muscular tissues of the hip space get contracted and internally rotated. Because of this, it offers the physique extra stability, flexibility and coordination.2 

4. Advantages of Garudasana for Shoulders 

Garudasana yoga intensely stretches the shoulders and higher physique space. Within the eagle pose, the shoulder is moved in direction of the center of the physique, permitting the shoulders and arm joints to loosen. It could additionally assist to take away stiffness and cut back ache within the shoulders.2 

5. Different advantages of Garudasana: 

  • Garudasana pose could assist in circulating blood to the important organs within the physique enhancing their capabilities.2  
  • Because the eagle pose means that you can stand on one leg, it could will let you sharpen your energy of focus, alertness and consciousness.2 

The observe of yoga poses, together with the Garudasana pose, could present advantages; nevertheless, it’s nonetheless not an alternative choice to fashionable medication to deal with any situation. As well as, one should not depend upon yoga alone as the one answer to well being issues; as an alternative, seek the advice of a certified medical practitioner. Additional, it’s suggested to be taught and observe yoga below the supervision of a yoga professional to keep away from bodily accidents. 

Dangers of Train  

You will need to keep away from practising Garudasana within the following conditions:  

  • Individuals affected by elbow, ankle or knee accidents should keep away from the eagle pose because it entails twisting and wrapping legs and arms, which could worsen your damage.2 
  • Individuals with varicose vein (enlarged swollen veins) issues mustn’t practise Garudasana pose as it’d put stress on the vein inflicting issues.2 
  • Those that endure from Arthritic ache mustn’t carry out the Garudasana pose as it’d worsen the ache.2 

You’ll be able to assess the danger components related and proceed practising Garudasana with precautions below the supervision of an skilled Yoga grasp. 


Garudasana is a balancing posture in a standing place. Garudasana yoga can also be known as the eagle pose as a result of the ultimate place of the physique resembles the beak of an eagle. The eagle yogasana helps to reinforce focus, alertness and consciousness of the thoughts. The eagle pose offers full two-fold twists to each the legs and arms concurrently. It could additionally assist to stretch shoulders, arms, hips, calves and thighs. Nevertheless, it might assist when you practised Garudasana asana below the steerage of a skilled Yoga trainer to keep away from any accidents. 

Steadily Requested Questions 

What’s Garudasana? 

Garudasana is a standing yoga pose. It’s a Sanskrit title the place ‘Garuda’ means an eagle and ‘asana’ means pose. Whereas performing the Garudasana pose, our physique seems like the form of the beak of an eagle; therefore additionally known as eagle pose yoga.2 

What are the contraindications of the Garuda yoga pose? 

The contraindications of Garuda yoga pose embody accidents to the elbow, knee, ankle joints, varicose vein and arthritis, and so forth.2 

What number of rounds of Garudasana pose could be carried out at a time? 

You could carry out the Garudasana pose for 3 rounds on both sides. Nevertheless, it’s suggested that you just carry out the eagle pose below the supervision of a skilled Yoga trainer who will information you in regards to the variety of rounds per your well being.2 

What’s the preparatory pose for Garudasana yoga? 

Garudasana preparatory poses embody Tadasana or the mountain pose.2 

Which anatomical elements of the physique are focused whereas performing the eagle pose? 

Eagle pose anatomically targets totally different elements of the physique, together with the shoulder, elbows, forearms, hips, thighs, calves, ankles, ft, and so forth.2 


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Disclaimer: The data included at this website is for academic functions solely and isn’t supposed to be an alternative choice to medical remedy by a healthcare skilled. Due to distinctive particular person wants, the reader ought to seek the advice of their doctor to find out the appropriateness of the data for the reader’s state of affairs.

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